Space Curve

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space curve

[′spās ‚kərv]
A curve in three-dimensional euclidean space; it may be a twisted curve or a plane curve.
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Space Curve


a curve in space. A space curve whose points do not lie in a single plane is said to be a twisted curve. Space curves have sometimes been called curves of double curvature.

If we wish to define a space curve in terms of Cartesian coordinates, we may view it as the intersection of two surfaces:

F(x, y, z) = 0 Ф(x, y, z) = 0

Alternatively, we may express it in parametric form:

x = ϕ(t) y = ψ (t) z = X(t)

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And because of the Q point in the saddle-shaped space curve, according to (3), we have
Analogously, osculating curves in the Minkowski space-time are defined in [6] as the space curves whose position vector (with respect to some chosen origin) always lies in its osculating space, which represents the orthogonal complement of the first binormal or second binormal vector field of the curve.
The birational mappings of implicitly defined space curves find numerous applications in geometric modeling and computer graphics since they provide an efficient way of manipulating curves in space by processing curves in the plane.
If [alpha]is a spacelike space curve with a spacelike principal normal N, then the following Frenet formulas hold
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The research on the curvature-based energy for space curves began with Bernoulli and Euler's studies on elastic thin beams and rods.
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In the study of fundamental theory and the characterizations of space curves, the corresponding relations between the curves are a very fascinating problem.
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But what dominates the apartment is an enormous pillar, around which the L-shaped living space curves with John's own little studio tucked away in the space beneath the mezzanine.

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