Space Navigation

space navigation

[′spās ‚nav·ə‚gā·shən]
Determination of the three-dimensional position and velocity vector of a space vehicle relative to a selected frame of reference.
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Space Navigation


in the broad sense, control of the motion of a spacecraft; in a narrower meaning, the navigational problem is the determination of the location of a spacecraft and the projection of its motion as a mass point. The system that performs these functions (the space navigation system) usually includes on-board and earth-based measuring and computing equipment. The astronaut may participate in solving problems of space navigation.

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The payloads on the satellites Falcon Heavy is putting into orbit include an atomic clock NASA is testing for space navigation, another testing new telescope technologies, and a solar sail project part-funded by the Planetary Society, a non-profit organisation headed by Bill Nye, "The Science Guy" on television presentations.
Los Angeles : NASA announced it would send an atomic clock into orbit late June as part of plans to improve deep space navigation and potentially allow spacecraft to guide themselves .
Experts explain that space navigation teams entirely rely on atomic clocks on Earth for their location data.
Through its distinguished international programmes and conferences, the IAA aspires to promote the development of space navigation for peaceful purposes and to honour individuals who have distinguished themselves in space science and technology.
FAI was founded in 1905 as a non-profit international organization which aims to strengthen aviation activities and space navigation worldwide.
This book charts the history and future of robots not just in space navigation, but also in our manufacturing, popular culture and everyday life.
The museum is divided into 13 main sections, including World of Robots, Space Navigation, Humans and Health, and Information Era.
In 2005, Hill suggested placing navigation constellation on the periodic orbits in the vicinity of libration points of the Earth-Moon system to support deep space navigation [6].
The roadmap session describes future planetary science missions, the promise of formation flying and spaceborne GPS, next generation attitude control systems, the space universal modular architecture initiative, and NASAAEs space navigation investment decisions.
ISRO Chairman A S Kiran Kumar told the IANS after the launch: "We have begun the new year with a successful launch and a precise injection of the fifth navigational satellite in the intended orbit." Satellite director of Indian space agency M Annadurai said that with this successful launching, the Indian Space Organization has put into the orbit five satellites of the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System, adding that the ISRO is getting ready to launch two more satellites in the coming two months to complete the constellation of seven satellites and to its own space navigation system.
Accurate Earth orientation parameter values are required for a wide variety of space- based systems involved in positioning or tracking objects above the Earth's surface, including space navigation and surveillance, satellite operations, astronomy, space geodesy, communications, and time keeping.

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