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What does it mean when you dream about a spaceship?

Spaceships in a dream may indicate a spiritual journey into the realms of the mysterious and the unknown. Spaceships (or flying saucers), have become, according to Carl Jung, the technological equivalent of angels in the modern world.

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It was just preparing to fire its Super Draco  thrusters (which, in the event of a mishap with the spaceship's rocket booster, would be used to safely propel the spaceship and its crew away from the explosion), when all of a sudden, "there was an anomaly and the vehicle was destroyed."
Future plans are for commercial spaceships to take passengers around the moon.
It also reflects the advanced stage of the UAE's space sector and our rapidly developing capabilities which, together with our partners at Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company, can enable the UAE to contribute to the manufacturing of space vehicles and commence spaceport operations within the next few years.
The partnership also builds upon the longtime UAE investment, held by Mubadala Investment Company, in Virgin Galactic and The Spaceship Company (TSC).
ua Development of spaceship operational plans for Al Ain airport, from where space vehicle will operate
GA1/4nel explores the development of this "spaceship in the desert," from its ambitious master plan to its vanguard architecture to its partial abandonment after the 2008 recession.
The company intends to operate a fleet of spaceships out of Spaceport America in the high desert of southern New Mexico.
'If you see what they've got, you'll believe that!' said the man as he turned his giant telescope away from the spaceship and towards earth.
Orion is America's exploration spaceship, and the EM-2 mission will be its first flight with astronauts on board, taking them farther into the solar system than ever before.
Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has begun construction on the spaceship that will achieve America's goal of returning astronauts to the Moon, the company said.
The spaceship is shot down The poor bloke is on much surer ground dealing with the potential destruction of Earth than teen hormones.
The reader is soon aware of Romy's loneliness and the almost mundane existence on board the spaceship. The key to this novel is its two main characters and particularly Romy as she learns to adjust to the prospect of company but also possibly being cut off from the rest of humanity completely.