Spandiiar Kobeev

Kobeev, Spandiiar


Born Oct. 1 (13), 1878, in Turgaiskaia, in present-day Kustanai Oblast, Kazakh SSR; died there Dec. 2, 1956. Soviet Kazakh writer. Honored Teacher of the Kazakh SSR. Became a member of the CPSU in 1940.

Kobeev’s writing is representative of early 20th-century critical realist Kazakh literature. In 1913 he wrote the first Kazakh novel, Redemption. In this work he criticizes the patriarchal way of life, the oppression of the aul (village) poor, and women’s lack of basic civil rights. In his memoirs Dreams Come True (1951), Kobeev describes life in a prerevolutionary aul and the fundamental transformations in the Kazakh steppes during the years of Soviet power. He was awarded two Orders of Lenin.


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