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(building construction)
The part of a wall between the sill of a window and the head of the window below it.


The triangular space that is formed between the sides of adjacent arches and the line across their tops; in a skeletal frame building, the walls inside the columns and between the top of the windows and the sill above.

spandrel, spandril

spandrel, 1
1. An area, roughly triangular in shape, included between the extradoses of two adjoining arches and a line approximately connecting their crowns (or a space approximately equal to half this in the case of a single arch); in medieval architecture, often ornamented with tracery, etc.
2. In a multistory building, a wall panel filling the space between the top of the window in one story and the sill of the window in the story above.
3. A surface, roughly triangular in shape, as below a stair string.
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The cracks in the spandrels of the second floor firstly occurred, the piers of the first floor cracked thereafter, and the piers of the second floor then cracked, the spandrels of the third floor finally cracked.
The finalized concrete mix for the pinkish color section of the new spandrels consists of grey and white cement; two coarse aggregates, Colonial Red and Arrowwood, 1/2 in.; two sands, Gilmore City and GW sand; and #20 Dynamic Color Solutions liquid pigment.
If the common law spawns Frankenstein's monsters, it also provides us with beautiful spandrels. Consider Judge Hand's signal contribution to tort law--the so-called Hand Formula, which defines the duty of care as a duty to take precautions that are cheaper than the probabilistically discounted value of the harm those precautions aim to avert.
Spandrels of Truth makes a significant contribution by showing how a modest and elegant dialetheism can be made to work.
PILE OF MONEY: This desirable Heriz carpet with a brick field and a large, indigo, yellow and green pole medallion and blue floral spandrels enclosed by an indigo herati field and floral guard stripes, sold for pounds 670 at Bonhams
The high level of arching has stone spandrel braces infilled with a motif similar to the fifteenth-century parapet of Norwich cathedral's Romanesque tower.
Using changes in spandrel material and vertical paired mullions, the facade was divided into more pleasantly proportioned interlocking parts.
features a granite facade, aluminum mullions and glass spandrels as well as a two-story atrium lobby and ground-floor retail space.
The work generally involves removal of existing concrete curb, gutter, spandrels, tactile warning panels/truncated domes, and sidewalk.
The tower will be the world's first to employ a "continuous glass facade," meaning that even the horizontal plates, on which the building's floors sit, known as spandrels, will be covered in glass.
Having drawn one of the spandrels above the southwest entrance in August 1848, while touring Normandy with Effie, he used it for Plate VII and tells us it is from: 'one of the most quaint and interesting doors in Normandy, probably soon to be lost for ever by the continuance of the masonic operations which have already destroyed the northern tower'.
Tenders are invited for for construction services to repair exterior spandrels.