Spanish Mission style

Mission Revival, Mission style

An architectural style popular in the southwestern United States and in Florida from about 1890 to 1930 and beyond; suggestive or imitative of the earlier Mission architecture, although usually much simpler because of the absence of sculptured ornamentation; compare with Spanish Colonial Revival. Buildings in this style are usually characterized by: stucco-finished exterior walls, occasionally with terracotta ornamentation; balconies or balconets; semicircular arches; a roof supported by massive piers with broad arches between them, forming arcaded walkways; multicurved gables; a low-pitched red mission-tile roof; often a hipped roof; open eaves having exposed rafters and a significant overhang; roof ridges topped with a red-tiled protective cap; commonly, dormers; tile-faced bell towers; roof drainage provided by waterspouts that pierce the parapets; typically, double-hung rectangular windows; a main entry door often located within a recessed porch.
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It would be the first of seven permanent majestic structures, all of which were built in the modern Spanish mission style of architecture.
However, it is interesting to see Ridgmead, Surrey, designed by Lutyens's difficult son, Robert, in the Spanish Mission style at the request of his patron, Captain Woolf Barnato.
Influenced by folios of photographs from the 1925 Paris Exposition, the birthplace of art deco design, the work of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and the Spanish mission style then popular in Calfornia, the town's four architectural practices joined forces to redesign the town working with the borough architect JT Watson, who had become an art deco convert working in the United States.
The new store, in Northridge Fashion Center, is a 200,000-square-foot three-story Spanish Mission style building with a steel frame designed for seismic safety.
As its name suggests, Oak Pointe Manor is upscale, designed in a Spanish mission style that emulates the mansions of Palm Beach, Fla.