Spanish Town

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Spanish Town,

city (1991 pop. 110,379), SE Jamaica, on the Cobre River. It is the commercial and processing center of a rich agricultural region, as well as the main rail and highway communications hub for traffic to and from KingstonKingston,
city (1991 pop. 97,424), capital and largest city of Jamaica, SE Jamaica. The country's chief port, it has one of the finest harbors in the West Indies and exports sugar, rum, molasses, and bananas.
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 (the capital) and other parts of Jamaica. Founded c.1525 and formerly called Santiago de la Vega, Spanish Town was Jamaica's leading city after the destruction of Port Royal by earthquake in 1692, but only until Kingston became the capital in 1872.
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Many years had elapsed since the events the letter narrated had transpired, and the old man had become a respected citizen of an obscure Spanish town, but the love of gold was still so strong upon him that he risked all to acquaint his son with the means of attaining fabulous wealth for them both.
Presently the words Jamaica, Kingston, Spanish Town, indicated the West Indies as his residence; and it was with no little surprise I gathered, ere long, that he had there first seen and become acquainted with Mr.
He seemed to see the great gray piles of granite set in old Spanish towns amid a landscape tawny, wild, and windswept.
The usual quadrangular arrangement of Spanish towns could be traced, but the streets and plaza were coated with fine green turf, on which sheep were browsing.
So we are enforcing the law,' he said, noting that at a business place in Spanish Town, St.
Josie Clacher, 18, was staying with friends and family in a villa in the Spanish town of Alaro.
The incident happened in the Spanish town of Viso del Marques (Ciudad Real) when local residents and visitors were taking part in a religious procession as part of the San Cristobal celebrations.
Natalie Sunderland, was one of dozens of protesters who took to the Spanish town of Pamplona, where the event is held, to demonstrate against animal cruelty.
She's lost three brothers to violence in Spanish Town, a suburb 13 miles to the west of Kingston.
THE Camino de Santiago - translated, the Way of St James - is a network of ancient pilgrimage routes stretching across Europe, all converging on the tomb of St James the Great in the north-western Spanish town of Santiago de Compostela.
To help you explore this colourful Spanish town, here's what to do when you get there...
Several decades earlier, novelist Michael Scott took shelter from the sun under the shade of the tree on what was then the main road between Spanish Town and Kingston.