Spanish roof tile

Spanish roof tile

An interlocking terra-cotta roof tile with a convex, curved top that adjoins a narrow flat valley.

unglazed tile

A hard, dense ceramic tile for floor or walls; of homogeneous composition, and deriving its color and texture from the materials and the method of manufacture.

vinyl-asbestos tile

A resilient, semiflexible floor tile; composed of asbestos fibers, limestone, plasticizers, pigments, and a polyvinyl chloride resin binder; has good wearing qualities, high grease resistance, and relatively good resilience.

wall tile

Thin tile used as a wall finish, it is glued to the wall with mastic, then the joints are grouted. Types include glazed ceramic, terra-cotta, glass, mosaic, or plastic; may be square, rectangular, or other geometric shape.
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Here you will find another open landscape and two playgrounds close to some pleasant, modern houses off Elm Road which would really complement the environment if only they didn't have clunky Spanish roof tiles.
The house has a rich, textured Spanish roof tiles, a turret, a bell tower and a heavy timber balcony detailed in Mediterranean colors.
Such lack of care means that many traditional streets are also now pockmarked with individual homes sporting unsightly Spanish roof tiles.