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Spearman's rank correlation coefficient is a nonparametric measure of rank correlation (statistical dependence between the ranking of two variables).
Spearman's rank correlation coefficient between [F.sup.-] released after 24 hours and cytotoxic reaction of NIH3T3 mouse fibroblast cells was statistically significant for RMGIC Fuji II LC only (p = 0.750).
The Spearman's rank correlation coefficient of 0.20 indicates a weak correlation between the two groups.
and 2) Spearman's rank correlation coefficient, let's denote it by r5, which is obtained from the previous one by replacing, for each i [member of] {1, 2, ..., n}, [x.sub.i] by its rank in the variable x, and similarly for [y.sub.i].
Overall, however, there was no significant relationship between trap catch and distance from the hives (Spearman's rank correlation coefficient rs = 0.03, P = 0.89).
Spearman's rank correlation coefficient with regard to patients' preoperative PTA values and their recollection of their preoperative status was significant but weak (rho = 0.47; p = 0.0157).
Spearman's rank correlation coefficient for the four variables Variables Spearman's rank correlation coefficients MUNEMP, IPrC 0.8303 (***) MUNEMP, PPrC 0.8061 (***) MUNEMP, IPeC 0.2364 MUNEMP, PPeC 0.2727 *** denotes significance at the 1% significance level The rank correlation coefficients clearly indicate that while a significant relationship appears to exist between male unemployment and measures of property crime, no such relationship can be identified between male unemployment and personal crime.
Correlation of tumor thickness level with metastasis in neck was calculated using spearman's rank correlation coefficient test.
Spearman's rank correlation coefficient was used to analyze the correlation between IP-10 and IFN-[gamma] plasma concentrations.