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Special Forces


(1) Subunits and units designated to perform special combat missions, such as maintenance of communications and engineering support, and having special technical equipment. Special forces in the armed forces of the USSR include engineer troops, communications troops, chemical troops, radio construction and maintenance troops, motor transport troops, and road troops. The armed forces of other countries have similar special forces. For example, in the USA such units are combat support units.

(2) In the armed forces of the USA, Great Britain, Israel, and certain other capitalist countries, there are special forces designated to destroy important installations deep in the enemy rear, undermine enemy fighting power, perform psychological warfare missions, carry out missions to mislead the enemy, and organize and carry out diversionary and subversion missions and sabotage. The units are staffed with mercenaries who undergo special training, including study of the appropriate foreign language. The mercenaries include many traitors who have fled their countries after committing political or criminal offenses. Special forces were widely used during the US aggression in Vietnam in the period 1964–73.

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The conference provided a forum for military, government, academia and industry stakeholders to network, collaborate and discuss current and future initiatives for supporting special operations forces.
special operations force team based in Croatia arrived at a staging base in Italy at 7:57 p.
If a conflict occurs on the Korean Peninsula, the North Korean special operations force would direct long-range fires against key facilities in South Korea, conduct attacks to disrupt command facilities of South Korean and U.
Globally, we are developing plans to better serve the geographic combatant commanders who, owing to the past 12 years of engagement in Iraq and Afghanistan, have gone under-resourced with Special Operations forces," he said.
Special operations forces and especially, Army Special Forces, arguably exude Lawrence-like qualities in many respects, officials said.
David Barr, commander of the recently established Canadian Special Operations Forces Command.
This platform will serve as a unique complement to our existing mobility arsenal and assist CANSOFCOM in its delivery of agile special operations forces effects for years to come.
Special Operations Forces with a vast range of advanced logistics, maintenance, and sustainment services across aviation, ground, and maritime platforms.
He has already used special operations forces in several Middle Eastern countries.
Members of Estonian special operations forces have done an excellent job in Ukraine," Hanso, who was given a detailed overview of the service of Estonian special operations forces personnel in Ukraine, said according to spokesperson.
The warning follows what US defense officials described as an 'unusual' incident Thursday when Syrian warplanes were deployed to attack an area near where US special operations forces were operating.
Occammd will look to address this year's SOFIC Conference theme of "Evolving the Network to Counter Emerging Threats" by educating the US Military and Special Operations Forces elite on the ways that technology can and will enhance their ability to address present and future threats.

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