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Special Forces


(1) Subunits and units designated to perform special combat missions, such as maintenance of communications and engineering support, and having special technical equipment. Special forces in the armed forces of the USSR include engineer troops, communications troops, chemical troops, radio construction and maintenance troops, motor transport troops, and road troops. The armed forces of other countries have similar special forces. For example, in the USA such units are combat support units.

(2) In the armed forces of the USA, Great Britain, Israel, and certain other capitalist countries, there are special forces designated to destroy important installations deep in the enemy rear, undermine enemy fighting power, perform psychological warfare missions, carry out missions to mislead the enemy, and organize and carry out diversionary and subversion missions and sabotage. The units are staffed with mercenaries who undergo special training, including study of the appropriate foreign language. The mercenaries include many traitors who have fled their countries after committing political or criminal offenses. Special forces were widely used during the US aggression in Vietnam in the period 1964–73.

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The critics of Mamasapano want to engage in special ops with minimal casualties, which is not at all realistic.
Chevrolet, a subsidiary of General Motors Corporation (NYSE: GM), has approved the production of the Silverado Special Ops concept vehicle.
In July 2014, the Ankara 1st High Criminal Court ordered the release of a former member of the police Special Ops Unit, Ayhan Ecarkyn, who was the last suspect to be released pending trial.
23 ( ANI ): The US military has reportedly deployed four different special ops bots in its robotic fleet to execute tasks otherwise deemed difficult in the battlefield.
Recently I had the opportunity to test a tough, Cordura nylon-constructed version of just such a holster: a Special Ops belt clip holster made by Blue Stone Safety Products (BLUESTONESAFETY.
Many people in public and in policy-making community only view Special Ops as those units that go out and do high value target kill and capture," Robinson said.
Special Ops launches three raids in a top-secret drugs operation.
There's so much history behind these old birds, not just for our wing, but for both special ops and the Air Force.
SPECIAL OPS J Arnie and Sly will team up again in The Tomb.
During a night combat sortie in support of a special ops mission to capture insurgent commanders, Capt Hilkert experienced a right hydraulic system leak.
However, the helicopter was not a special ops aircraft.
She hired Becky Kanis, a West Point graduate and former special ops commander with the Army to take a team of outreach workers into the streets.

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