Specific Power

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specific power

[spə′sif·ik ′pau̇·ər]
The power produced per unit mass of fuel present in a nuclear reactor.

Specific Power


the ratio of an engine’s power to its weight or other parameter. In Soviet usage, the power of a piston engine referred to the engine’s displacement is called the power per liter of displacement; when the power is referred to the total piston area, it is known as the piston power, and so on. For example, the power per liter of displacement of carburetor automotive engines is 30–45 kilowatts per liter (kW/7), and for diesel engines without supercharging it is 10–15 kW/7. The specific power can be increased by the use of light alloys, by improvements in design, and by forcing (increasing the rate of rotation and the compression ratio, using supercharging, and so on).

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If there is any thing exceptionable, it must be sought for in the specific powers upon which this general declaration is predicated.
So, if the government can do such military operations without declaring martial law, Colmenares asked what kind of specific power or what kind of accomplishment does the government want that a one year martial law is still needed in Mindanao.
7 hp/l the Urus claims one of the highest specific power outputs in its class and the best weight-to-power ratio at 3,38 kg/hp.
Synthesis and antibody conjugation of magnetic nanoparticles with improved specific power absorption rates for alternating magnetic field cancer therapy.
The energy stored (5 Wh/kg) is low compared to batteries but can offer much greater specific power up to 20 kW/kg.
Figure 4 shows the friction versus the normalized specific power for pad material A, 54 [cm.
The specific power and power density of the cells are more than 1,270 W/kg and 2,770 W/L, respectively.
The California T, below, is powered by a direct-injection 3885ccV8 turbo engine that punches out 560cv at 7,500rpm, yielding a specific power output of 145 cv/l, the highest in its category.
The figure seems to indicate, counter to the relevant text, that lead acid batteries would be ideal candidates for portable application batteries due to their superior combination of specific power and specific energy.
6-litre engine has a record specific power of nearly 170bhp/litre, and CO2 emissions of just 145g/km.
The series is offered with a selection guide identifying each specific Power Integrations TOPSwitch IC part number, along with a matching Premier Magnetics transformer.