Specific Volume

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specific volume

[spə′sif·ik ′väl·yəm]
The volume of a substance per unit mass; it is the reciprocal of the density. Abbreviated sp vol.

Specific Volume


The specific volume of a substance is a physical quantity determined by the ratio of the volume V to the mass m of a body. The specific volume v of a homogeneous substance is given by the formula v = V/m. Specific volume is the inverse of density. The units of specific volume are 1 m3/kg in the International System of Units and 1 cm3/g in the cgs system; 1 m3/kg = 103 cm3/g.

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In isothermal measurements the specific volume as well as the compressibility shows a dramatic change at the glass transition (10).
Specific volume of oven-dried soil, an indicator of soil structure, was significantly (P [less than] 0.05) affected by rotation crop only in the 0.15-0.30 m depth (Fig.
Variation of the mold temperature again shows a pronounced effect on the specific volume of the moldings as expected.
Assuming that soil layers have a constant mass of solid, the specific volume of a layer, v(t), may be related to its water content and thickness by the model presented in Eqn 17 of Voltz and Cabidoche (1995):
[^.V.sub.mix] is the specific volume of the polymer/gas solution system.
Two methods can be used for obtaining [alpha] and [beta] with the use of the specific volume data.
So, it appears that the choice of any amount of xylanase, glucose oxidase and ascorbic acid would not lead to significant differences in the specific volume of the end product.
where V(T, P, [w.sub.g]) is the specific volume of polymer at temperature, T, pressure, P, and weight percentage of dissolved [CO.sub.2], [w.sub.g].
They did so by increasing specific volume and lowering crumb hardness and chewiness.
The specific volume of the blends was measured by means of the displacement method, using an electronic Mirage SD-120L densitometer with a resolution of 0.0003 [cm.sup.3]/g and with n-butyl alcohol as the immersion liquid.
Specific volume ratios decreased as the amount of bran increased in the formulations.

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