Specific Volume

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specific volume

[spə′sif·ik ′väl·yəm]
The volume of a substance per unit mass; it is the reciprocal of the density. Abbreviated sp vol.

Specific Volume


The specific volume of a substance is a physical quantity determined by the ratio of the volume V to the mass m of a body. The specific volume v of a homogeneous substance is given by the formula v = V/m. Specific volume is the inverse of density. The units of specific volume are 1 m3/kg in the International System of Units and 1 cm3/g in the cgs system; 1 m3/kg = 103 cm3/g.

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The specific volume of the test and the control were 1.
As the temperature decreases, the specific volume decreases too, which means that the material shrinks and densifies as it cools--something we already know.
The results in Bozanov sandstone showed increase in the portion of pores d > 5 [micro]m calculated according to their specific volume in both cases of treatment-by 6.
The products: standard, formulations 1 and 2 were analysed in relation to technological weight characteristics, specific volume and expansion rate.
Specific volumes of microwave-baked bread were compared with the specific volume of the control bread and a significant positive correlation was observed.
relative humidity, specific volume, dry-bulb temperature, and wet-bulb temperature.
There was no suggestion of any specific volume cut-point that defined a surgeon as an expert, Dr.
In the case of the specific volume, the glass transition is observable as a change in the slope of the specific volume over temperature.
Furthermore, Nozari said production from the Parsi, Karanj and other oilfields had been reduced to meet the quota cut, but he did not give a specific volume.
It has been a great honour for me as outgoing editor to be able to see this specific volume of Akroterion through to its final stages.

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