specific charge

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Specific charge

The ratio of charge to mass expressed as e/m, of a particle. The acceleration of a particle in electromagnetic fields is proportional to its specific charge. Specific charge can be determined by measuring the velocity which the particle acquires in falling through an electric potential; by measuring the frequency of revolution in a magnetic field; or by observing the orbit of the particles in combined electric and magnetic fields. See Elementary particle

specific charge

[spə′sif·ik ′chärj]
The ratio of a particle's charge to its mass.
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The investigation also confirms that the use of high specific charge cannot solve the problem, but may cause fly rock.
The specific charge under the Criminal Code of Kazakhstan is "failure to follow the environmental requirements for radioactive substances storage and handling."
Nash also pleaded not guilty to a specific charge of robbery at Jeremy France Jewellers on November 8 2005 and using an imitation firearm in the raid.
The current obstruction of justice charges against Arthur Andersen have been brought under a "witness tampering" statute of the federal criminal code because no specific charge of document shredding exists that can be brought against the firm.
This was only alluded to in the course of the trial and was never the subject of a specific charge (as bundling TE with Windows was), but I think that's only because Microsoft stopped doing it just in time, a few years before the charges were actually filed.
Because the funds received from the West Virginia tax are dedicated exclusively to the State's highways, the exaction is a specific charge for the use of state-owned or state-provided facilities (i.e., the West Virginia highways) and thus constitutes a user fee or tax.
'Impeachment requires a specific charge to be made and a public trial through an impeachment tribunal.
'We asked the commanding officer to mention the specific charge but he just said indiscipline,' he said.
"We asked the commanding officer to mention the specific charge but he just said indiscipline," he said.The students said that they were also told that 'now it is Modi's rule'.
The Bill also repeals a provision of the Armed Forces Discipline Act 1971 that places the onus of proof for defence of a specific charge on to the accused.
According to FNA dispatches, the security forces raided the house of the FNA correspondent on Thursday night and arrested him without any specific charge.
Summary: DUBAI - The Public Prosecution referred to the Court of First Instance two women for alleged human trafficking, with the specific charge of forcing someone to work without pay and sexual exploitation, for the first time, upon an order from the Dubai's Attorney-General.

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