Specification Sheet

Specification Sheet


one of the primary documents used in the system of technical documentation. In the USSR’s Uniform System of Design Documentation, specification sheets define the composition of a unit. They list the parts of an item and also include design documents pertaining to the item as a whole and to certain unspecified parts that are not listed in the specification sheet. Depending on the complexity of the item, specification sheets can set forth the subassemblies, materials, and standardized and nonstandardized parts to be used, as well as the documentation to be required. Specification sheets are sometimes combined with an assembly drawing.

In the Uniform System of Technological Documentation, specification sheets are prepared for every item delivered as a separate unit. Here, the specification sheets, which determine the required technological documents, are used to compile an adequate number of documents in manufacturing the item and the item’s parts. Such sheets list the item and its subassemblies, parts, and materials. In the USSR, regulations governing specification sheets are set by the State Standard (GOST).

In the technical documentation for products manufactured by foreign firms, specification sheets are listings of technical and operational characteristics of items, devices, and systems. The content of specification sheets is set either by the firms themselves and associations of producers or consumers or by governments and military and other organizations. In the USSR, a listing of the characteristics of an item is referred to as the general technical requirements and is included in the appropriate documents, for example, in standard specifications.


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According to a specification sheet, at least one version of the Supra will be equipped with a 3.0-litre six-cylinder engine that generates 335bhp.
Theandroidsoul.com also claims to have got the specification sheet of the upcoming smartphone.
The new packaging categories memory products relative to performance with an associated specification sheet presenting the ideal usage for each product.
The use of a visual demonstration is much easier to understand than a standard specification sheet, which we hope people will find useful."
On the website, potential customers can download a PDF specification sheet of the machine they are interested in and request a quotation.
PLEMIA M3 enables users to take the desired plans for a product, break them down into actual product specifications, and display them on a specification sheet. Users can then take these specification sheets and use links to manage researched and verified information from the past, as wellas key information on parts, thus leveraging previous know-how, making it possible to compare a number of alternative specification sheets.
But no one had ever sent us a specification sheet that spelled out the size of the polishing particles in the product until the makers of Eagle One Nano Polish did.
The 48-page catalog includes details of a wide range of linear motors and stages, as well as engineering sections including a motor sizing guide, a specification sheet to help define requirements, conversion tables for engineering units and linear motor FAQs.
* each raw material shall have a "specification sheet" detailing key material characteristics, product form, packaging form and any other specific requirements;
A lot of the angst concerning keywords is that they are perceived to be part of the requirements for each specification sheet number.
"In electrical engineering, there's the idea of the specification sheet, which tells all the important properties of a component, like the environment in which it will work, the extreme conditions in which it will break, its size, accuracy, reliability, and so on," Knight says.
This specification sheet describes carrier configuration options for surgical product multi-media files storage using the Electric Lateral File System.

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