Spectral Sensitivity

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spectral sensitivity

[′spek·trəl ‚sen·sə′tiv·əd·ē]
Radiant sensitivity, considered as a function of wavelength.
The response of a device or material to monochromatic light as a function of wavelength. Also known as spectral response.

Spectral Sensitivity


The spectral sensitivity of a radiation detector is the ratio of the quantity characterizing the level of the detector’s response and the energy flux of the monochromatic radiation causing the response (seeMONOCHROMATIC LIGHT). A distinction is made between the absolute spectral sensitivity, which is expressed in units (for example, in amperes per watt if the detector’s response is measured in amperes), and the dimen-sionless relative spectral sensitivity, which is the ratio of the spectral sensitivity at a given wavelength to the maximum value of the spectral sensitivity or to the spectral sensitivity at some other wavelength.

The spectral sensitivity of the human eye is represented by the spectral luminous efficacy of the radiant flux. The spectral sensitivity of photographic materials is discussed in SENSITIZATION, OPTICAL and in SENSITOMETRY.

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However, results of electrophysiological studies showed that LpOps5 is a LWS opsin and that its spectral sensitivity is indistinguishable from LpOps 1-4 (Battelle et al.
From the physical process, two constraints should be addressed: The color reproduction is constrained by the film's spectral sensitivity and restricted by laser's wavelengths; depending on the holographic material and its dynamic range, the exposure values for each wavelength can be set to obtain proper color channels addition with the best diffraction efficiency.
Trichromatic vision, often described inappropriately as 'red', 'green'and 'blue', is derived from three cone classes which contain photopigment with relatively long (L), medium (M) and short (S) wavelength spectral sensitivity.
But while this opens up the camera's full range of spectral sensitivity, it also creates a few problems.
First, the absolute spectral sensitivity s([lambda]) (in A/W) of the photometer is determined based on the absolute spectral sensitivity scale.
The sensitivity of the eye to different wavelengths is described by the relative spectral sensitivity function.
The product demonstrates the spectral sensitivity, making the panels suitable for both single-dwelling and commercial roof installations.
The answer to the question is yes; removing the infrared blocking filter does improve the spectral sensitivity of the CCD sensor at both the blue and red end, as seen from the results.
It can measure energy levels emitted from lightguides (3 mm, 5 mm, and 8 mm) and LED flood lamps, and features a spectral sensitivity range of 350 to 450 nm and intensity measurement from 1 mW/[cm.
The IR DRAGON 4232 is the best compromise between maximum spectral sensitivity for CCD and CMOS cameras and suppressed visibility for the human eye.

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