Spectral Series

spectral series

[′spek·trəl ‚sir·ēz]
Spectral lines or groups of lines that occur in sequence.

Spectral Series


a group of spectral lines in an atomic spectrum that obey certain laws. In emission spectra, the lines of a given spectral series occur for all the allowed quantum transitions from the various initial upper energy levels of the atom to the same final lower level. In absorption spectra, the lines of a given series occur for the opposite transitions. The wave numbers of the lines in a spectral series obey definite laws and converge to the limit of the series (see Figure 1 in ATOM).

Spectral series can be identified most clearly in the spectra of hydrogen, hydrogen-like atoms, helium, and the alkali metals: the Lyman, Balmer, Paschen, Brackett, Pfund, and Humphreys series for hydrogen, and the principal, diffuse, and sharp series for the alkali metals. (SeeATOMIC SPECTRA.)

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He covers the role of singular solutions of quantal equations in atomic physics, the classical description of crossings of energy terms and of charge exchange, classical stationary states, understanding the role of the singular spin-spin interaction in the binding energy of two-electron atoms/ions, the last observed line in the spectral series of hydrogen lines in magnetized plasma: s revision of the Inglis-Tellor concept, and extrema in transition energies resulting not in satellites but in dips within spectral lines.
Secondly unless very special care is taken the resulting spectral series will not be guaranteed of fast convergence properties for the problem of interest.
In order to accelerate the spectral series summation in application of SDA to shielded microstrip lines, several techniques have been used [7-9].

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