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It is obvious that for plasmas in pLTE, the experimental determination of Texc using a Boltzmann plot obtained by considering all of the spectral lines will result in [T.
He developed much of the software for automating observations and for analysing spectral line data.
From the changing shape and position of the spectral lines it becomes clear that R144 is a binary star.
I used the Be star Gamma Cassiopeiae, which has strong H-alpha emission, to focus on the H-alpha spectral line.
At the same time, he outlined that the same spectral lines for classes later than B2A were completely due to hydrogen [37, p.
Self-reversed spectral lines are observed in spatially inhomogeneous optically thick plasmas.
An influential 1989 review paper, coauthored by Grevesse, reported that metals make up 2 percent of the solar photosphere, the lower level of the sun's atmosphere where spectral lines are formed.
It turned out to be in a metalcasting lab, operating an emission spectrogaph, which used 35 mm film to record the density of the spectral lines of the elements.
The uniqueness of the spectrometer results from the design of its hardware, which allows passive measurement of spectral lines from absorption/emission by polar molecules and the application of a millimeter-wave radiometric technique for terrestrial remote sensing of chemical plumes.
A spectroscope splits visible light into bands of color, called spectral lines, that are distinct for different kids of light and chemical elements.
Rydberg spectral lines of an atom are sometimes superimposed on the continuous spectrum of a different configuration.
Beginning with Isaac Newton's discovery that a ray of light can be divided into seven spectral lines (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) when passed through a glass prism.

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