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The use of spectrographic techniques for deriving the physical constants of materials.



the scientific discipline that deals with the theory and methods of measuring spectra. In the optical range of wavelengths, spectrometry embraces branches of applied spectroscopy, metrology, and the theory of linear systems. Spectrometry provides a foundation for the selection of designs of spectroscopic devices and for the optimization of design methods.


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PBI currently focuses its efforts in the development and sale of PCT-enhanced enzymatic digestion products designed specifically for the mass spectrometry marketplace, as well as sample preparation products for biomarker discovery, soil and plant biology, forensics, histology, and counter-bioterror applications.
The key experimental components to this differential mass spectrometry approach are (1) reproducible sample preparation, (2) an instrument that has sufficient peak capacity and dynamic range to handle complex mixtures with short analysis times, and (3) software for detecting regions of mass-to-charge ratio (m/z) and time that differ in abundance between samples.
The global Q-TOF Mass Spectrometry market has been thoroughly analyzed in the report for an inclusive understanding.
In turn, the clinical lab community must understand mass spectrometry and how it can help determine biomarker concentrations.
Isotope-dilution liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry candidate reference method for total testosterone in human serum.
LC-MS Based on Electron Ionization-Mass Spectrometry Interfaces.
The adoption of liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) for small molecule targeting and translational clinical applications was driven by a need for higher immunoassay accuracy, a lack of availability in approved immunoassays, and the desire for cost reduction.
Mass spectrometry provides "at least a 10-fold increase in resolving power over existing IMS technologies that are out there," he said.
Kalorama Information says that while mass spectrometry (mass spec or MS) is the most powerful tool in proteomic biomarker discovery and validation, mass spectrometry (mass spec; MS) through its traditional techniques has struggled to elucidate molecular distribution in tissue related to disease state.
The GlycanPac AXR-1 columns are designed for excellent resolution of labeled and unlabeled glycans, and are compatible with fluorescence and mass spectrometry detection methods.