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(analytical chemistry)
A method of chemical analysis based on the absorption or attenuation by matter of electromagnetic radiation of a specified wavelength or frequency. The radiation interacts with specific features of the molecular species being determined, such as the vibrational or rotational motions of the chemical bonds. The radiation can also interact with specific atoms or the whole molecule, for example, by causing the molecule to change its electronic energy state.



a branch of measurement technology that draws on spectrometry, photometry, and metrology in developing methods and instruments for the quantitative measurement of spectral absorptance, reflectance, emissivity, and luminance as quantities characterizing media, coatings, surfaces, and radiators.

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FTIR (Nicolet 380) was performed on Attenuated Total Reflectance Fourier Transform Infrared spectrophotometre (FTIR-ATR) in transmittance mode.
Red a ete estimee par spectrophotometrie, sur spectrophotometre CamSpec M330, a la longueur d'onde 540 nm, qui correspond a l'absorbance maximale de cette molecule.
A loopful of growth was suspended in 10 mL phosphate-buffered saline (PBS) adjusted to 90% transmittance of the suspension at 585 nm wavelength of a spectrophotometre (Colman Junior, IIA model 6/20A, Perkin Elmer Corporation, USA).