Speech from the Throne

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Throne, Speech from the


an address given by a monarch to open, and sometimes to adjourn, a session of Parliament. This tradition in English parliamentary procedure developed during the 13th and 14th centuries. The modern equivalent is found in other countries with monarchical forms of government. The speech from the throne, written by government officials, is Parliament’s legislative agenda for that session. The speech is read either by the monarch in person or by an appointed state official (for example, the lord chancellor in Great Britain). Parliament’s approval of the speech from the throne is the same as a vote of confidence in the government.

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In the Speech from the Throne, the government committed itself to offering government programs and services online: "By 2004, our goal is to be known around the world as the government most connected to its citizens, with Canadians able to access all government information and services online at the time and place of their choosing.
Instead, he said that "the first great deficiency in principle and vision that we have seen in the Speech from the Throne is the lack of principle and substantive commitment to the great principles of fiscal responsibility.
The MPs then make their way to the Senate to listen to the Governor-General deliver the Speech from the Throne.
In an address after the vote, Tarawneh thanked the King for his keynote address and pledged to uphold the guidelines and national positions outlined by the Speech from the Throne, including the country's stances towards Arab and regional issues.
In the March Speech from the Throne, then Governor-General Michaelle Jean stated that "our government will take steps to endorse" the declaration.
Calls for change that puts an end to journalists' imprisonment should be accompanied with serious steps to practice pressures on the involved legislative parties, and whether there is a need for a royal will to make such a change, Sharif noted, "The royal will is there; His Majesty King Abdullah II called in his speech from the Throne to protect and enhance press freedoms.
The Queen reads her speech from the throne in the House of Lords for the State Opening of Parliament; Gordon Brown and David Cameron
This would ensure that the Queen may have at least something new - however minor - to say and that her speech from the throne will not simply be a total ragbag of frayed secondhand material that has not even been recycled.
The November 20, 2003, Speech from the Throne confirmed previous announcements from the Ontario government of its intent to introduce legislation rolling back the general corporate tax rate reductions legislated by the previous government.
In response to the report on the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples and the Speech from the Throne, the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development (DIAND) has helped launch many Aboriginal business ventures and supported the goal of achieving strong communities, people and economies.
The minister may have rejected the idea of working with the AFN on the social-economic conditions work-plan, but one chief pointed out that that agenda is a government-wide agenda that's related to the promises of the speech from the throne.
In the Speech from the Throne, the government set a goal for Canada to become one of the top five countries for R&D performance by 2010.

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