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spere, speer, spier, spur

In medieval English residences and derivatives, a fixed screen projecting from the side of a great hall, near a door, to mitigate drafts and to screen the door’s entrance.
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The stunning former Playmate repeatedly made advances towards Speer, who was being paid by Hefner to look after her.
Caption: A "New Frontier-ized" Ruger Blackhawk .45 Colt with buffalo bone grips rests comfortably on The Speer Handloading Manual #15.
What reminded me of my conversations with Speer, however, is what I perceive as a change, albeit gradual and gentle, of the attitude toward those who observe or listen to wrongdoings and remain silent.
Speer says Patrick found out about the project, and he expressed his interest in being a part of it.
If Speer's loss is worth $134-million (U.S.), why would not every one of the 158 Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan not be worth the same?
Forte's chief defense in the 142-sessions-long Speer arbitration was that though her name was on the account as the advisor of record, she was not managing the investments during the relevant period, 2009-2012.
HACIA FINALES DE 1931 ALBERT SPEER se hizo miembro del partido Nacional Socialista aleman.
To give me a sense of just what that means, Deb Chance, a Middleton and Speer client in Batavia, Iowa, shows me her calendar for late 2013.
As an art critic, Speer approaches gallery exhibitions in two ways.
En las primeras paginas de su libro Albert Speer, el arquitecto de Hitler: su lucha con la verdad (1) Gitta Sereny (1996) hace explicita la motivacion que la llevo a dedicar mas de veinte anos de su trabajo como biografa a la vida de Albert Speer.
Speer (art history, Northern Arizona U.) explores the entanglement of material struggle and activist art during the Great Depression, which he observes as a noteworthy juxtaposition of American pragmatism and idealism.
Director Scott Speer somersaults into the world of flash mobs, staging performances in East Coast locations.