Spencer Perceval

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Perceval, Spencer,

1762–1812, British statesman. He had a profitable law practice before he entered the House of Commons as a Tory in 1796. He was solicitor general (1801–2), attorney general (1802–6), and, under the duke of Portland, chancellor of the exchequer (1807–9) before becoming prime minister in 1809. Although he opposed (1811) the regency of the prince of Wales (later George IV), he continued in office under the prince. Despite conflicts with the duke of Wellington over the financing of the Peninsular War and despite a lack of solid parliamentary support, Perceval tenaciously and effectively carried on the war against Napoleonic France. He was assassinated in the House of Commons by a bankrupt madman.


See biography by D. Gray (1963).

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Unfortunately Spencer Perceval did not live to see the triumph of his views: he was assassinated by John Bellingham in May 1812, one year before Mansfield Park was published, an assassination that Andro Linklater has recently suggested was supported by the Liverpool slavers and merchants whose fortunes Perceval had wrecked.
Exactly 200 years ago, George III still had enough power to appoint and maintain in office the most unpopular prime minister in British history, Spencer Perceval, shortly to achieve distinction as the only premier ever to be assassinated.
Dr Hanrahan begins his story of the only occasion on which a Prime Minister has been murdered with an account of Bellingham's assassination of the Prime Minister, Spencer Perceval on 11 May 1812 and his subsequent arrest by officials of the House of Commons.
Spencer Perceval served from 1809 to 1812 and was shot by a bankrupt Liverpool broker while entering the lobby of the House of Commons.
Down the centuries, there have been other parliamentary outrages, from the assassination of the Prime Minister Spencer Perceval in 1812, to the murder of the Conservative MP Airey Neave by the IRA in 1979 as his car pulled up the ramp of the House of Commons car park.
MAY 11, 1812: Tory PM Spencer Perceval assassinated in the House of Commons' lobby.
They also heard how Parliament is far from just a talking shop, with the gruesome tale of how Prime Minister Spencer Perceval was assassinated in St Stephen's Hall 200 years ago.
Answers: 1) Richard Wilson, 2) Tracy Ullman, 3) Mary Quant, 4) Mary Queen of Scots, 5) John Wilkes Booth, 6) Mexico, 7) Requiem, 8) Spencer Perceval, 9) Roberta Flack, 10) Five.
Bankrupt John Bellingham shot Tory Spencer Perceval in the House of Commons in 1812 and was hanged.
Lead single Spencer Perceval still sounds majestic, a low-key melody giving way to an eruption of noise and feedback.
1812: British Prime Minister Spencer Perceval was shot dead by a bankrupt broker, John Bellingham, as he entered the House of Commons: until his personal rather than political motives became known, it was feared (or by many radicals hoped) to signal a revolution.