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(civil engineering)
A passage in or about a dam or other hydraulic structure for escape of surplus water.



a hydraulic structure for the discharge of excess (flood) water from a reservoir and for the useful release of water into tailwater. A spillway may have openings: surface openings on the crest of a dam, openings sunk below the level of the headwater, other types of deep openings, or two kinds of openings, as in a two-stage spillway. The flow of water is regulated by locks. Some automatic spillways (for example, those working by means of siphons or shafts) are not equipped with locks. Spillways that are built in the bypass of concrete and earthen dams are called coastal spillways.

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Within a couple of days once again the spillways of Khanpur dam would be opened as heavy rain has also been forecast in Hazara division during the current week.
'The spillways did not open last year as the water level was around 1,740 feet as a result of which people started encroaching on Korang River land,' an official of the Islamabad Capital Territory administration said.
Shaft spillways include various configurations of crest designs, with or without gates, all of which transition into a closed conduit (tunnel) system immediately downstream from the crest.
Two-Phase Flow Characteristics of Stepped Spillways. Journal of Hydraulic Engineering, 129(9): 661-670.
Campaigners who want to preserve Butterley spillway at Marsden insist the revised plans by YorKshire Water do not go far enough.
The Corps will repair aging spillway gates at the Fall Creek, Lookout Point and Hills Creek dams.
* The bridges are quite close to the spillways, so the hydraulics of the spillways dictated the hydraulic redesign of the bridge waterways to safely accommodate the new design flows.
Yasinullah said heavy rains had damaged spillways of the dam lately but the relevant authorities had yet to repair them to prevent waste of water.
To study the complex flows behaviour of orifice spillways, CFD modelling of Mangla dam main spillway was carried out by operating the model at different reservoir levels and gate openings.
Forrester and Anderson by building hydraulic model in a scale of 1:80 investigated the phenomenon of cavitation on Karun 1 dam spillway. Their results showed that low pressures and cavitation occurs at speeds more than 40 meters per second [2].
I am well aware that YorKshire Water resents having its actions questioned, but the worK on the spillways is using untold millions of our money!
Deputy Commissioner Haripur has twice imposed a ban on swimming or bathing which was imposed for 60 days in district Haripur's streams, rivers, lakes, and ponds including Ghazi Brutha stream, Tarbaila lake, and Khanpur lake, Khanpur dam spillway, River Indus, Bhutri dam and Khair Bara dam swimming in the dam, streams, spillways and its Spillway for three months.