Spiral Chute

spiral chute

[′spī·rəl ′shüt]
(design engineering)
A gravity chute in the form of a continuous helical trough spiraled around a column for conveying materials to a lower level.

Spiral Chute


a transport mechanism for discharging bulk and piece-type goods under the force of gravity. It consists of a spiral trough mounted on a column or inside a large-diameter vertical tube; the load slides along the trough. Spiral chutes are usually 20-50 m in height, although some are 100 m or more. When moving bulk goods, their capacity ranges from 300 to 500 tons per hour with a tube of 1.2-1.5 m outside diameter. To reduce wear, the trough is made of durable materials; it also may be covered with fused basalt. Because of their simplicity and reliability, as well as the possibility of accumulating a considerable amount of material in the lower part of the trough (which is of particular importance for mining enterprises, where a spiral chute serves as an intermediate storage area at the junction of two transportation links), spiral chutes have become common in the warehouse and interoperation transportation of industrial enterprises, as well as in the mining industry.


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The slides, as well as a 91m spiral chute, should open by May 2016, with funding coming from Visit Wales.
Get on board a rubber raft for the ascent up the 64ft tower - before being propelled swiftly down a spiral chute. Hold on tight, as the boats also spin as you go.
Vertical coal bunkers are often designed with an external spiral chute integrated into the bunker wall.
My own first warehouse "make do" was in a four-story warehouse building with a freight elevator to get products up and a spiral chute to get them down.
* The ChuteMaster fiberglass spiral chute provides an efficient and economical means of lowering your product between levels.
Capable of transporting a maximum load capacity of 50 pounds per linear foot, the spiral chutes offer three (or more) times the floor space savings over conventional decline conveyors.
- Recirculation air handling units of various capacities, galvanized ducts, spiral chutes, fire dampers, diffusers, dampers, CVCs, VFC, fans, silencers and secondary steelwork (supports).
This ranges from the vertical line diverter VertiSwitch[TM] and the angled belt conveyors merger/ diverter to lifts, ploughs and spiral chutes.
Suddenly Hershey's Kisses and Miniatures, and Reese's Miniatures cascade down spiral chutes in a deafening cacophony, filling the tin in the process.
Newspaper bundles slide down spiral chutes to ground level truck-loading docks.
Recirculation air handling units of different capacities, galvanized ductwork, spiral chutes, fire dampers, diffusers, dampers, CVC, VFC, fans, silencers and secondary steelwork (supports).
In doing so, the focus shall not only be on the popular TRANSNORM curved belt conveyors, but also on the entire product portfolio that has been developed especially for the baggage handling segment, ranging from the vertical line diverter VertiSwitch, the angled belt conveyors to lifts, ploughs and right through to spiral chutes.