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Portrait of disembodied soul drawn by a spirit guide controlling the hand of 19th century medium Ferdnand Desmoulin. Courtesy Fortean Picture Library.

Spirit Guide

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Sometimes referred to as a Spirit Control, a Spirit Guide is a personal connection with the spirit world. Rita Berkowitz said, “Spirit Guides are here to watch out for us, help us understand life lessons, and help us find joy and wonder as we journey through our earth plane existence … Spirit guidess are always with us, whether or not we realize it, and that they are there to guide not to control.” This is why the term “spirit control” is something of a misnomer. Yet at a séance the medium’s guide is in control to the extent of acting as a master or mistress of ceremonies; contacting other spirits and arranging their access to the medium.

Some people have more than one guide. For example, if a person does healing he or she might have a guide who is specifically connected with healing; perhaps someone who was a doctor in their earthly existence. Someone who paints might have an artist guide for that aspect of their life.

Spirit guides once lived earthly lives. Some are, or were, related to the person for whom they now guide. It could be a deceased family member or close friend. It seems that many people have Native American guides, while others have Orientals. In This Is Spiritualism (1959), Maurice Barbanell wrote, “The North American Indians were masters of psychic laws, with a profound knowledge of supernormal forces and how they operated. This qualifies them, after their passing, to act as tutors and guides to their mediums.” Certainly most Spiritualists acknowledge that by their very lifestyle, being close to nature and working with the earth, Native Americans were probably much more in tune with the forces of nature than most.


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Hither, this way, For this way Hermes leads, the spirit guide, And Persephassa, empress of the dead.
Most notably when Justin announced the pair's engagement in July, he wrote: 'I promise to lead our family with honor and integrity letting Jesus through his Holy Spirit guide us in everything we do and every decision we make'.
Miguel is helped on his journey by a goofy spirit guide called Dante and Hector, a skeletal guitar player.
A young woman meets her spirit guide after a fatal car accident, who advises her to do a good deed before passing on.
Sil, the fox, is Roan's spirit guide, helping her through a long quest to bring the Five Families of spirit animals together to defeat Zabor, the river snake.
The title, Swimming with Elephants, refers to one of the powerful spiritual journeys that Seidelmann takes with Alice, her animal spirit guide, who appears in the form of a happy and supportive pachyderm.
At the same time, in the woods, a vixen gives birth to three cubs, including a female, Kennen, an animal spirit guide of sorts akin to Harry Potter's Patronus.
The Raven segment of Encyclopedia of Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico by Mark Cross is illustrated with The Reason Why along with her explanation of Raven calling her to the Southwest to draw and collect first person stories of interactions with this clever corvid and iconic spirit guide.
Billy is helped along by the Crow, his spirit guide. Crotchety Aunt Kena, who has the Eyes of Fire, can talk to Billy (and others in the spirit world) directly but Dale has to depend on his Bluetooth for communication with Billy the ghost.
Faith is a powerful thing and I believe that God does have a plan for the Presbyterians of the world--if nothing more than to remind our fellow Christians to focus on that "Rock" and continue to share in God's Word and let the Holy Spirit guide us through the decades to come.
"Jessie Parker, cowgirl and spirit guide - at your service." Yep, a rootin' tootin' cowgirl from the Great Plains of the American Wild West.