Spirit Lights

Spirit Lights

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

Spirit lights are frequently seen when a physical medium is operating, though they can occasionally be observed apparently independently of any person. They are often dancing globules or sparks of light that seem to fill the air, indicating that there is spirit presence in the room. French psychical researcher Dr. Gustav Geley (1868–1924) conducted a séance with the Polish medium Franek Kluski on May 15, 1921. He reported, “A large luminous trail like a nebulous comet, and about half a metre long, formed behind Kluski about a metre above his head and seemingly about the same distance behind him. This nebula was constituted of tiny bright grains broadcast, among which there were some specially bright points. This nebula oscillated quickly from right to left and left to right, and rose and fell. It lasted about a minute, disappeared and reappeared several times.”

There is a long tradition of people seeing spirit lights, often unexpectedly but more often connected with their meditating or praying. The shamanic tradition honors what are sometimes called the “sparkies;” little dots of light—often blue, purple, or silver—that appear in front of a healer when healing work is being done and the healer has the third eye open. They are also commonly seen by spiritual seekers and seem to be linked to moments when connecting with aspects of the Higher Self, God/Goddess/All-That-Is, Infinite Intelligence, angels and spirit guides.


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