Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International

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Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

The Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship International was founded in 1956 by Arthur Augustus Ford (1897–1971), Paul Higgins, and Albin Bro. It is an interfaith, nonprofit movement. Although originating in the West, its spiritual orientation has long recognized the need to blend both Eastern and Western traditions. Its stated goal is, “Spiritual unfoldment within the individual, through the exploration of both old and new dimensions of human experience leading to a unity of body, mind and spirit … It searches for eternal truths, explores cultural myths, investigates ancient secrets, and seeks experiential and intellectual (cognitive) ways to integrate these insights into daily living.”

The Fellowship sought to express its goal philosophically through an emphasis on the exploration of mystical prayer and meditation, spiritual healing, and the survival of consciousness beyond the limits of bodily death. It maintains a library of several thousand volumes and publishes a monthly newsletter.


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