Spiritual Healing

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Tibetan Buddhist Tenzing Lama (right) performs spiritual healing on a woman who lost her son and daughter-in-law to the tsunami that struck Southeast Asia on December 26, 2004. AP/WideWorld Photos.

Spiritual Healing

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)

In spiritual healing it is frequently the spirit of a deceased doctor or surgeon who comes through the medium to give or suggest the necessary healing. Sometimes it is the spirit guide of the medium. Gladys osborne Leonard’s Native American guide, North Star, would work through her. She described it in My Life In Two Worlds (1931), “When North Star controlled me for healing, he always appeared to appeal to someone far higher than himself before commencing his treatment. He never spoke, but he used to hold his hands upward and outward as if he expected something to be put or poured into them. His attitude was so obviously one of prayer, or supplication, though he was usually in a standing position.”

The National Spiritualist Association of Churches gives this definition of Spiritual Healing:

  1. It is the sense of this convention that Spiritual Healing is a gift possessed by certain Spiritualist mediums, and that this gift is exercised by and through the direction and influence of excarnate spiritual beings for the relief, cure and healing of both mental and physical diseases of humankind; and that the results of spiritual healing are produced in several ways, to wit:

    • (a) By the spiritual influences working through the body of the medium and thus infusing curative, stimulating and vitalizing fluids and energy into the diseased parts of the patient’s body.

    • (b) By the spiritual influences illuminating the brain of the healing medium and thereby intensifying the perception of the medium so that the cause, nature and seat of the disease in the patient become known to the medium.

    • (c) Through the application of absent treatments whereby spiritual beings combine their own healing forces with the magnetism and vitalizing energy of the medium and convey them to the patient who is distant from the medium and cause them to be absorbed by the system of the patient.

  2. It is further the sense of this convention that Spiritual Healing is recognized by the New Testament Scriptures and that it has been a tenet of ancient and modern religions and that it has been and is now a tenet of the religion of Spiritualism and is practiced by and among Spiritualists in conformity with their religious belief and knowledge of the power of spiritual agencies.
  3. It is further the sense of this convention that great care and caution should be exercised in determining whether an applicant for a Healer’s Commission really possesses any of the phases of the gift of Spiritual Healing to a sufficient degree to warrant the issuance of a commission.
  4. That no person to whom a Spiritual Healer’s Commission may be issued shall advertise other than as a “Spiritual Healer,” unless legally entitled to do so.
  5. That it is further the sense of this convention that any statute or ordinance which tends to resist or forbid the exercise of Spiritual Healing is an invasion of the religious rights, privileges and guarantees contained in the Federal Constitution.

Medium George Chapman works as a healer with deceased surgeon Dr. William Lang working through him. Munich-born Dr. Adolphus Fritz, who died in 1918, worked through Brazilian psychic healer José Arigó. Another Brazilian healer, Edivaldo Silva, has a number of different deceased doctors and surgeons working through him.


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Admittedly, the evidence base of spiritual healing is not strong enough for the human mind to comprehend, and doctors including myself always tend to be a little skeptical about it; but I also quickly remind myself that it is precisely the reason why it is described as being anchored on faith, on one's firm belief.
Patients who are nearing their final hours of life find strength and spiritual healing in holding the Torah, praying with it, or simply having it present.
They turned me to some basic spiritual truths that I had learned from the Bible and from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, a pioneer in the field of spiritual healing.
Jens Lyberth, manager of the recently elected government, also urged civil servants to use similar spiritual healing methods to help promote better harmony between Greenlanders and Danes.
My students are most impressed with dancers, teachers, choreographers, and companies who use dance for social, educational, and spiritual healing, rather than articles about who's who in the dance world.
This perspective is laid out in an introductory chapter, "Evolution and Religion," and developed in the major chapters on "The Anthropology of Wondrous Healing," "Wondrous Healing, Hypnotizability, and Folklore," "The Seeds of Religion," and "When the Seeds of Religion Sprout." These indicate that a biologically based spiritual healing practice known as shamanism provided the basis for religion and folk healing.
EXPERIENCE Tibetan spiritual healing tomorrow at the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay.
The author takes readers on a personal journey through her broken marriage and the physical pain of a near-fatal experience, which ultimately led to her physical, emotional and spiritual healing.
During the last few years I have taken part in the "Basler Psi-Tage", [3] a congress for esoteric and frontier-sciences -- often on the subject of spiritual healing. It is a congress outside the churches.
"Spiritual healing is the channelling of positive energy from healer to patient.
Tears provide a physical release that can lead to psychic and spiritual healing and peace.
Frances McAll and her husband, Kenneth McAll, have each written several books--about their experiences in Japanese internment camps in China during World War II, about his pioneering work on the boundaries between psychiatry and spiritual healing, about her work as a GP.

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