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The inner layer of the mesoblast from which part of the wall of the alimentary canal and portions of the visceral organs are derived in coelomates.



in invertebrates, a part of the epithelial wall of the secondary body cavity, or coelom. Unlike the somatopleure, which is internally adjacent to the body wall, the splanchnopleure is adjacent to the intestine and other internal organs. In the embryos of chordate animals (including man), the splanchnopleure is represented by the internal (visceral) layer of the lateral plate. It gives rise to the serous membranes of the internal organs, the dorsal and ventral mesenteries, the muscular and connective-tissue layers of the intestine, the muscular wall of the heart, the muscles of the branchial apparatus, the blood, and the blood vessels. In higher vertebrates (including man), the splanchnopleure also participates in the formation of a fetal membrane—the allantois.

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