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(design engineering)
One of a number of equally spaced keys cut integral with a shaft, or similarly, keyways in a hubbed part; the mated pair permits the transmission of rotation or translatory motion along the axis of the shaft.
A strip of wood, metal, or plastic.
(graphic arts)
A flexible strip used in drawing curves.
A function used to approximate a specified function on an interval, consisting of pieces which are defined uniquely on a set of subintervals, usually as polynomials or some other simple form, and which match up with each other and the prescribed function at the end points of the subintervals with a sufficiently high degree of accuracy.
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A thin flat piece of wood used between two pieces of heavy subflooring, taking the place of a tongue-and-groove joint; also used as a means of stiffening a miter joint.
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spline, false tongue, feather, slip feather, slip tongue

spline, 2
spline, 1
1. A long thin strip of wood or metal which is inserted in a slot formed by two members, each of which is grooved and butted against the other.
2. In a suspended acoustical ceiling, a strip of metal or hard fiber inserted in the slot between adjacent acoustical tiles which butt against each other, forming a concealed mechanical joint.
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In computer graphics, a smooth curve that runs through a series of given points. The term is often used to refer to any curve, because long before computers, a spline was a flat, pliable strip of wood or metal that was bent into a desired shape for drawing curves on paper. See Bezier and B-spline.
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Fortunately, when asking about the existence and uniqueness of the solution in spline spaces we are successful because the uniqueness problem could be solved for the corresponding homogeneous problems in finite dimensional spaces and the periodicity would be preserved in both directions.
In the first method, the QTc was first determined by the new spline and Bazett formula and the JT interval was calculated by subtracting QRS duration from the corrected QT.
Nomenclature B: Spline side distance, mm c: Clearance, [micro]m d: Displacement, mm D: Diameter, mm F: Friction factor F: Axial load, N L: Spline coupling length, m M: Torque, Nm n: Number of splines N: Rotational speed, rpm P: Power, kW r: Radius, mm Th Reaction, N T: Thrust, N x, y, z: Spline coupling Cartesian coordinate system W: Bearing radial load, N [alpha]: Helix angle, deg [epsilon] Lead angle, deg.
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The target and contact surfaces correspond to the internal and external splines. The selected contact stiffness factor FKN is 1.0 [21], the contact pairs were established.
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We fit penalized splines as described above, under three conditions: with df selected using AICc, with df = 2, and with df = 4.
These splines can be modelling in the MATLAB program; see Figure 15.
Spline regressions are splines which must be calculated with respect to a regression model.
Three-time-level scheme based on parametric quintic spline is presented by (Aziz et al.