Spoil Bank

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spoil bank

[′spȯil ‚baŋk]
(mining engineering)
In surface mining, the accumulation of overburden.
The place where spoil is deposited. Also known as spoil heap.

Spoil Bank


an accumulation on the surface of a mine of waste rocks or substandard minerals removed in working deposits; a heap of tailings from ore-washing plants or sludge from metallurgical plants. In open-pit mining spoil banks are divided according to their location into inner banks (in the excavated parts of quarries) and outer banks (accumulated outside quarries). Depending on the topography, spoil banks are called lowland or highland banks, and depending on the number of layers, they are known as single-stage or multistage spoil banks. They are also divided according to the machine used into excavator (shovel), plow, chain-and-bucket, bulldozer, hydraulic, or combined spoil banks.

The construction of a spoil bank begins with the making of an initial heap using draglines, power shovels, chain-and-bucket excavators, bulldozers, or scrapers. During the mining operation the spoil is accumulated in layers. Spoil banks may be parallel, fan-shaped, curvilinear, or circular; parallel or curvilinear displacement of the front is common. The development of the front from its initial position may be one- or two-sided. The basic geometric parameters of spoil banks are area, height, and slope. Much importance is attached to the stability of spoil slopes, which is determined by the geological engineering conditions and the technology of making spoil banks, the geological structure of the spoil bank and the foundation (the lithological composition, structure, and texture of the rocks and the hypsometry of the foundation surface), the hydrophysical and mechanical properties of the spoil rocks, and the technique used in making the spoil bank.

The height of spoil banks consisting of soft rocks and rocks of medium hardness usually does not exceed 30 m. Spoil banks composed of hard rocks may reach 60 m, and on slopes and in gorges they may be as high as 300 m. In working deposits by underground methods, the spoil banks of waste rocks on the surface are known in Russian as terrikonniki. After mining operations have ended, areas occupied by spoil banks are reclaimed.


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WAPDA had asked several time to the Punjab government and a series of the meetings had also been held between the WAPDA and government of Punjab for issuance of NOC for resale of the spoil Bank but remained the matter inconclusive so fore.
The purpose of this study was to find a method of reclamation and revegetation on high slope spoil banks of coal mines in semi-arid Mediterranean climate conditions by using amended mine spoils (with pig slurry and straw) as a substrate.
If your favorite sandbar or spoil bank isn't very large, you can stake out in one location and let the fish come to you.
The spoil banks along the deepwater canal leading into the Progress Energy Nuclear Powerplant (actually located in the town of Red Level) attract the adult snook that favor the Gulf's edge for their reproductive rituals.
Aerial photos of 347 ha (858 ac) in Saline County mined and leveled by dragline pullback of spoil banks in the 1950s had 28 ha of lakes fed by much more water stored underground.
However, birders have discovered kingfisher nests in ditches, railroad embankments, sawdust piles, sand dunes, spoil banks, dead trees, rotting stump and, perhaps strangest of all, a furrow in a newly plowed hillside.
The rest will be used to form low, wide spoil banks which will be covered with topsoil from the necessary excavations, provided with tubewell irrigation and sold back to the local farmers.
Martins Keys to the dredged spoil banks created by the construction of Progress Energy's Crystal River Energy Complex.
Or, to the north, go through Fishermans Cut in the spoil banks and head up into Rocky Cove, near the power plant.
The spoil banks on both the Barge Canal and Progress Energy canals run all the way to the natural shoreline.
The spoil banks at the end of the Crystal River Energy Complex shipping channel are reachable from either Crystal River or Yankeetown and a favorite of anglers wanting to tussle with mostly overslot redfish.