Spoil Heap

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spoil heap

[′spȯil ‚hēp]
(mining engineering)
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Spoil Heap


a pile for stacking waste rock brought to the earth’s surface from mines and pits. At coal mines, as a rule, flat spoil heaps are built; conical, ridge, and sector spoil heaps are also known. Spoil heaps are classified according to the mode of transporting the waste rock; waste rock may be hauled by skip hoists, cableways, conveyors, trucks, rail transport, or hydraulic means. In order to minimize damage to the environment, spoil heaps are reclaimed in two stages—a construction stage that involves the leveling or grading of slopes and the placing of a fertile layer of soil on the surface and a biological stage that entails the sowing of grass and the planting of shrubs and trees.

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Considering inhomogeneity and tessellation of ecotopes that form in these condition, an important instrument for solving these geo-ecological problems is an express assessment of the state of vegetation mantle, which is forming in the radius of ore mining spoil heaps, as well as the development of effective methods of industrial ecotopes' phytoremediation.
There is confirmation from another local archaeologist who has also observed medieval pottery at the site's "spoil heap".
Yorkshire-based RecyCoal, which recovers coal from disused mines and waste spoil heaps before selling it to energy providers, expects revenues of more than pounds 60 million over four years from the site at Rossington, near Doncaster.
The royal couple's visit was their fourth since the disaster of October 21, 1966, when a colliery spoil heap collapsed on the village, killing 116 children and 28 adults.
In October 1966, 144 people died in the village when a colliery spoil heap collapsed onto homes and a school.
Stones placed haphazardly at odd angles tend to resemble a spoil heap rather than creating a natural looking effect.
Easington District Council is being urged to back the scheme at a former colliery spoil heap off the A19 at Murton.
The course was set out around the crown of the reclaimed spoil heap on the site of the old Bedlington "D" Doctor Pit colliery, so riders racked up a fair bit of climbing.
Richard Hancox, Natural Resources Wales project manager for SBRI, said: "Our ambition is to encourage innovative methods to treat mine waters or spoil heap runoff at many of the smaller, more remote metal mine sites, to reduce the loading of metals being discharged to our river systems.
It was commissioned by Warwickshire County Council in partnership with the Homes and Communities Agency and the design was chosen following consultation with local people to complement other improvements at the park, including the creation of a spiral path up the old spoil heap.
The retired chief superintendent referred to his own harrowing experiences of identifying the 116 children and 28 adults who died when a colliery spoil heap collapsed onto homes and a school.