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At least six genera of freshwater sponges inhabit the western gulf slope drainages (Old, 1936; Sublette, 1957; Poirrier, 1972; Davis, 1980a, 1980b; Manconi and Pronzato, 2005), but only Davis (1980a, 1980b) documents occurrence of Class Demospongiae: Spongillidae in streams west of the Gulf Coastal Plain ecoregion of Texas.
Metaniidae, Metschnikowiidae, Paleospongillidae, Potamolepidae, Spongillidae.
Spongillidae is the only identified family of sponges found in North American fresh waters.
Five species of sponges, belonging to five genera and two families (Table II) were detected occupying distinct substrates on the Brazilian bank of the Itaipu Lake: Trochospongilla repens (Hinde, 1888; Figure 14), Corvospongilla seckti Bonetto & Ezcurra de Drago, 1966 (Figures 9-11, 15) and Radiospongilla amazonensis Volkmer-Ribeiro & Maciel, 1983 (Figure 16), the three belonging to the Spongillidae Gray, 1867 family, Oncosclera navicella (Carter, 1881; Figure 13), and Potamophloios guairensis n.
Most studied species are associated with Spongillidae or usually collected as free-swimming individuals.
Contribution a l'etude l'embryogenese des Spongillidae.
Cytochemical observations of larval development in Eunapius fragilis (Leidy): Porifera; Spongillidae.