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see procedureprocedure,
in law, the rules that govern the obtaining of legal redress. This article deals only with civil procedure in Anglo-American law (for criminal procedure, see criminal law).
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a concept used in probability theory. Trials may have one (and only one) of the outcomes A1, A2,. . ., An Each outcome of a trial is considered an “event” that has a certain probability P(Ak). Here Trial always holds.

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What does it mean when you dream about a trial?

Dreaming of being on trial may indicate that the dreamer needs to be more accepting of himself or herself and less judgmental of others.

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One of a series of duplicate experiments.
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Bardell vs. Pickwick
trial for breach of promise results in imprisonment of both parties for not paying damages and costs. [Br. Lit.: Dickens Pickwick Papers]
Trial by Jury
trial of a breach-of-promise suit is dismissed when the judge decides to many the plaintiff. [Br. Opera: Gilbert and Sullivan Trial by Jury]
Trial, The
Joseph K. is tried by a strange court for an unspecified crime. [Ger. Lit.: Kafka The Trial]
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1. Law
a. the judicial examination of the issues in a civil or criminal cause by a competent tribunal and the determination of these issues in accordance with the law of the land
b. the determination of an accused person's guilt or innocence after hearing evidence for the prosecution and for the accused and the judicial examination of the issues involved
c. (as modifier): trial proceedings
2. a motorcycling competition in which the skills of the riders are tested over rough ground
3. Ceramics a piece of sample material used for testing the heat of a kiln and its effects
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Gordo et al., "Extubation outcome after spontaneous breathing trials with T-tube or pressure support ventilation," American Journal of Respiratory Critical Care Medicine, vol.
This improved compliance with nurse-driven sedation vacation, but not physician-driven peptic ulcer disease prophylaxis or respiratory therapist-driven spontaneous breathing trials.
Hypercapnic ventilatory response has been studied in spontaneous breathing trials and extubation [14], duration of weaning [15], central sleep apnea [16], and relatives of patients with obesity hypoventilation syndrome [17].
Previous studies have shown several factors to predict extubation failure, including the rapid shallow breathing index (14), positive fluid balance in previous 24 hours (4), pneumonia as the reason for initiating mechanical ventilation (4), amount of endotracheal secretions (15-18), mental status (18) and hypercapnia (4,18) during the spontaneous breathing trial. Although this was not the aim of our study, we found only pneumonia to be an independent risk factor for RRS.
Exclusion criteria were non-septic patients, septic patients using any vasopressor other than noradrenaline, ratio of respiratory rate to tidal volume (f/[V.sub.T]) [greater than or equal to] 105 or maximal inspiratory pressure (MIP) [greater than or equal to]-30 [cmH.sub.2]O, and failure to tolerate a spontaneous breathing trial (SBT) (Figure 1).
Inclusion criteria included extubated patients older than age 65 years, intubated for COPD or CHF for 48 hours or more, with a successful spontaneous breathing trial for 30-120-minutes.
In this case report we present three COPD patients with repeated spontaneous breathing trial failures, who were successfully extubated after receiving sildenafil.
Whether or not one believes that gradual weaning is needed after a failed spontaneous breathing trial, a judgment regarding the patient's readiness to breathe spontaneously still must be made.
The title is: "Multicenter implementation of a consensus-developed, evidence-based, spontaneous breathing trial protocol." This article appeared in the October issue of Critical Care Medicine 2008; Volume 36 (Number 10): pages 2753-2762.

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