Spontaneous Phenomena

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Spontaneous Phenomena


phenomena arising independently of external organizing influences. In philosophy, the spontaneous is associated with the self-motion of nature (Spinoza) or of cognition (Leibniz and Hegel). Dialectical materialism links the spontaneous to self-development, self-motion, and the resolution of the internal contradictions of phenomena (see V. I. Lenin, Poln. sobr. soch., 5th ed., vol. 29, p. 317).

Sociology studies such spontaneous social phenomena as migration and market relations, as well as various types of self-organization and of unorganized (unplanned) changes in social systems. The importance of spontaneous processes declines in proportion to social progress.

In medicine, the term “spontaneous” may refer to diseases and syndromes, for example, spontaneous pneumothorax, as well as to changes of unknown cause in their course, for example, the spontaneous remission of acute leukemia.

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No mention of the electronic voice phenomenon (EVP) will be given in this paper, as it is generally considered a sought experience, whereas the telephone calls are spontaneous phenomena that are rarely anticipated and subsequently digitally recorded.
He added: "It's a natural human impulse to find order and meaning in spontaneous phenomena."
In the first she reviews spontaneous phenomena occurring in daily life, including physical mediumship, which perhaps should have been treated separately, as such studies were sometimes conducted scientifically, including extensive precautions against fraud and sensory factors.
My impression over the years is that a segment of those concerned with the study of spontaneous phenomena are not interested in explaining or understanding the phenomena.
Perhaps those who see the study of spontaneous phenomena in this way do not want the topic associated with mundane physical, biological, and psychological correlates because such correlates undermine the more spiritual views they prefer.
Four working groups on different issues within the field were organized: (a) quantitative studies, (b) psychotherapeutic and psychoanalytic approaches, (c) spontaneous phenomena and qualitative research, and (d) the personality of the sensitive.
Eight more conferences were held in the 1950s alone, with topics ranging from unorthodox healing to spontaneous phenomena to relationship between parapsychology and psychedelics.
Indeed, I believe Rhine's motivation for making parapsychology a laboratory science was just this realization that testing psychic claimants and investigating spontaneous phenomena could never produce data that would merit scientific status.
Psychical research, however, began with the investigation of spontaneous phenomena and those generated by psychic claimants.
The paper includes 105 books on topics such as altered states of consciousness and psi, applications and implications of psi, criticisms, history, NDEs, reference works, and spontaneous phenomena, among others.
Myers did emphasize that, until we have learned how to produce the phenomena we are interested in studying, we have to continue making systematic observations of relevant spontaneous phenomena. In his words, it remains "important to take stock, so to say, of the whole range of spontaneous phenomena corresponding to the phenomena which we are endeavouring to produce.
Anderson present a comprehensive listing of papers and books about spontaneous phenomena in parapsychology.

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