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expulsion of the products of conception before the embryo or fetus is viable. Any interruption of human pregnancy prior to the 28th week is known as abortion. The term spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage, is used to signify delivery of a nonviable embryo or fetus due
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What does it mean when you dream about a miscarriage?

Expectant parents often have dreams about miscarriages. This is almost always a symbol of their anxiety about the baby rather than a prediction that the baby will be miscarried. Miscarriages are also potent symbols of projects or business deals that have gone wrong. (Also see Baby, Embryo, Pregnant).




1. Med spontaneous expulsion of a fetus from the womb, esp prior to the 20th week of pregnancy
2. Brit the failure of freight to reach its destination
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Conversely, she was told that there was "a mere, one chance in one thousand," that she might become pregnant while on Depo-Provera, and if she did, a pregnancy would spontaneously abort.
If a large number of such renucleated eggs behave like embryos and when implanted do not spontaneously abort at a rate greater than that of "ordinary" embryos, we might well elect to say that they are viable--indeed that they are embryos.
Wilson has taken pains to include specific information about his subjects - such as the number of Tibetan monasteries destroyed under Chinese rule or how NATO's test-flying over Innu land causes caribou to spontaneously abort.

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