Sports Craft

Craft, Sports


any of the boats designed for competitive or recreational boating that are propelled by oar, scull, paddle, sail, or power. Sports craft propelled by oar or paddle include racing boats (skiffs and shells built for one, two, four, or eight oarmen), kayaks, canoes, dinghies, and rowboats. Sailboats are classified according to sail area, rigging, size, and seaworthiness. Motorboats, for example, hydroplanes and scooters, are equipped with inboard or outboard engines and with screw propellers or airscrews; jet engines are also used. Pleasure boats equipped with both sails and engines have cabins and are usually used for cruising. Boats used for instructional purposes and yachts that compete in regattas are also considered sports craft.

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Miami, FL, October 09, 2015 --( An innovative and highly functional enhancement on a widely popular water sports craft, the Magna Boat, has been developed by inventor Mikel Slaman of Spring Hill, Florida.
Among the only sports craft kits available on the market, the DYO line encourages kids to be creative and active and has been the recipient of several industry accolades.