Spot Ventilator

Ventilator, Spot


(Russian, vozdushnyi dush, literally “air shower”), a unit in a local supply ventilating system that delivers a concentrated stream of air to create a hygienic air environment (with respect to temperature, humidity, air circulation, and concentrations of noxious substances in the air) required for a human being in the immediate area to which this stream is supplied. The air supplied by a spot ventilator is generally purified, treated for heat and moisture content, and delivered through outlets equipped with devices for controlling the direction of the air stream. Spot ventilators are used in stationary work or rest areas and are particularly effective in industrial spaces where workers are subjected to the effects of high temperatures and radiant energy (near smelting and heating furnaces, metal pouring operations, and the like). Spot-ventilator installations may be either stationary or portable. [5-7791.2]