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Sales of spring clothing faltered because of the cold spell in late March, the Japan Department Stores Association said.
they will throw the spotlight on the annual preview of their new spring clothing lines and present awards to industry stars.
The Apprentice contestants are creative, innovative, and energetic and we were excited to give them the chance to have fun and get into the heads of our target demographic, like AE designers do everyday, by incorporating the latest technology into our spring clothing and accessories.
9 percent because unfavorable weather dampened demand for spring clothing.
As a result of recent marketing efforts and the introduction of Jared Gold's Spring clothing collection, orders received through February 7, 2005 total $15,000, reflecting interest in Dark Dynamite's designs and product lines.
4 percent in April from a year earlier on a same-store basis, marking the second consecutive monthly decline due in part to sluggish sales of spring clothing in unseasonable weather, an industry body said Monday.
Business confidence among Japanese workers with jobs sensitive to economic trends picked up in March for the second consecutive monthly improvement due partly to robust sales of spring clothing, but many remain wary about the outlook, according to a government poll released Tuesday.
1 percent, as cold weather in the reporting month capped sales of spring clothing, the association said.
6 percent due to sluggish demand for spring clothing due to cold weather.
The Japan Chain Stores Association attributed the fall mainly to unfavorable weather factors, which crimped sales of winter clothing and electric heating equipment in January and February and dampened sales of spring clothing in March and April.
Spring clothing sales were particularly sluggish in areas of northern Japan where cold weather had a relatively sharp effect on the consumption of spring goods, the official said.