Sputnik Kommunista

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Sputnik Kommunista


(Communist’s Companion), a sociopolitical journal published by the Moscow Oblast Committee of the RCP(B) (from 1925, the ACP[B]). The journal was published from August 1921 to December 1930 by Gosizdat (the State Publishing House of the RSFSR). From 1921 to 1924 it was published by the Moscow division of Gosizdat, and beginning in 1924, by the Moskovskii Rabochii (Moscow Worker) publishing house.

Sputnik kommunista contained the sections “Party Life,” “Political Chronicle,” “Agitator’s Memorandum Page,” and “Criticism and Bibliography.” It aimed to help agitators obtain information on general political, economic, and financial issues, party policies in agriculture, and foreign and domestic policy. The journal published the resolutions, appeals, letters, and instructions of the party’s Central Committee and of the Moscow Oblast party organization, as well as articles by V. I. Lenin and his comrades. In 1924, nos. 27–29 were published under the title Kommunist; beginning in April 1924, a journal with the former title of Sputnik kommunista became separated from Kommunist and was reorganized to deal with new tasks.

The articles in Sputnik kommunista were devoted to the theory and history of the party, party building, and the achievements of party organizations. The Biulleten’ Moskovskogo oblastnogo komiteta VKP(B) (Bulletin of the Moscow Oblast Committee of the ACP[B]) was issued as a supplement to Sputnik kommunista.

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