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Since the first digital image was of a newborn infant in 1957, I include here two color images of the same 53 year old today using both conventional square pixels in Fig.
Poynton, Staff Engineer, said that without square pixels, HDTV will not be embraced by the computer graphics community, which has square pixels now.
Square pixels simplify camera-based measuring-system design because a certain number of pixels translates into the same dimension in both horizontal and vertical directions.
Accurately creating imagery for display on screen has always been a challenge, because non-square pixels, typical of video, cause computer-generated graphics -- which use square pixels -- to appear distorted.
A high-speed, high-resolution version incorporates a 6k or 8k sensor with 7 micron square pixels, and four outputs delivering up to 160 MHz.
The CAMELIA M1 8M (black and white) and CAMELIA C1 8M (color), based on a large format (close to 35mm film size) progressive scan CCD featuring 2300 (H) x 3500 (V) or 8 million square pixels, has been improved on electro-optical performance, in particular by reducing power consumption, using a new front panel and an internal heat sink.
3 megapixel (effective), single-plate CMOS sensor with 3072 x 2048 square pixels, 12-bit analog-to-digital conversion and an on-chip RGB primary color filter array.
2-micron square pixels in an extremely compact housing.
Instead of flat square pixels, voxels also have depth.