squatter's right

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squatter’s right

The right of one who occupies land without legal authority to acquire ownership of it through long-continued occupation. Also see adverse possession and proscription.
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HOME-sitters tend to be retired or semi-retired but can be any age providing they own their own property - just in case anyone is tempted to claim squatter's rights.
However this licence had long since expired and, as 12 years had passed without a challenge, Caroline Graham claimed squatter's rights, or adverse possession of the land.
A KENNEL owner who claimed squatter's rights over nearly an acre of his neighbour's land ended up with an estimated pounds 500,000 legal bill.
Jeff Horn has declared squatter's rights at Saltholme, near Hartlepool, where he has grazed his cows for the past 15 years.
Since the mid-'90s, Rineke Dijkstra's had squatter's rights to gray sky as the backdrop for people on beaches--and that's, well, enough of that.
And in the no-break-for-the-wicked department, you may have heard that two rich white dudes and maybe a green dupe will be fighting it out for squatter's rights to a big white house in D.
RICHARD FAHEY will reluctantly be taking up squatter's rights at the Jockey Club after lodging an appeal
Knowing how animals traditionally mark their territory, we could say that Pooh, had he pooped on Rabbit's floor, would have established a kind of squatter's rights to the premises.
Just as The Sleeping Beauty also belongs to us in the West, so the Kirov has more than squatter's rights to Balanchine.
Homeless rights activists have taken up residence at Manchester's historic Stock Exchange, claiming the legal right to occupy the building under squatter's rights.