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1. a person who occupies property or land to which he has no legal title
2. (in Australia)
a. (formerly) a person who occupied a tract of land, esp pastoral land, as tenant of the Crown
b. a farmer of sheep or cattle on a large scale
3. (in New Zealand) a 19th-century settler who took up large acreage on a Crown lease
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a farmer who seizes unsettled land without receiving permission to do so. Squatting was widespread in the British colonies of North America and, later, in the USA (until 1862), as well as in Australia and certain other countries. The practice was possible owing to the vast amount of available unsettled land. The practice was an important precondition for the development of rural capitalism following the farm economy line. [23–1491–]

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All legislations on squatters provide that the act against squatters can be preceded summarily.
Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua officiated the first phase of title issuance during which 300 squatters benefitted.
Perling assemblyman Cheo Yee How said the Johor Baru district, which is partly within his constituency, has many unresolved squatter problems and the state government needs to address the issue.
They insist the land belongs to their ancestors.According to police reports, the squatters are usually led by a "ground man" who colludes with officials from the Lands registry who help them identify idle chunks of land for occupation.
Sometime in 2017, the Minister for Roads, Amoako Atta, sent a caution to the squatters at the Kiosk Estate and all other such inhabitants along the Tema Motorway to vacate before the Ministry visited any harsh exercise on them.
The dispute between the developers and Wychavon District Council erupted last February, and residents say it created a "window of opportunity" for squatters.
In a telephone interview, Fernando Hicap, national chairman of Pamalakaya, said relocating squatter families should be carefully planned so as not to waste government resources.
Free of squatters who will be living decently in their communities.
Mr Moipisi explained that the process followed by land authorities to deal with squatters was such that subordinate land boards identified squatters, profiled them, conducted hearings and made recommendation to the nain land board.
Manchester council says it was a 'particularly complex' eviction involving 'obstructive' squatters.
"With our pursuits, the German police carried out a raid on the former Iranian embassy in Bonn and drove the squatters out," Qassemi said.
He told WAFA that the squatters had set up a tent on a 400-dumum plot of land owned by Mohammad Ayesh with schemes to eventually take over the land to expand the nearby illegal settlement of Ifrat.