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a city in Sverdlovsk Oblast, RSFSR, under the jurisdiction of the Verkhniaia Pyshma city council. Population, 18,000 (1974). Sredneural’sk is situated on Lake Iset’, 6 km from the Shuvakish railroad station (on the Sverdlovsk-Nizhnii Tagil line). The city has a hydroelectric power plant, a plant for the production of metal structural members, a wood-products plant, a plant for the production of reinforced concrete, and a poultry farm.

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A new holding company, Urals Copper Holding, now controls Uralelektromed, the Kirovograd copper smelter, the Gaisky copper mines, Sibkabel of Tomsk region in western Siberia, Svyatogor and the Sredneuralsk copper smelters.
The levels of metal pollutants found in the drinking water were comparable to those seen in a nearby community of Sredneuralsk, which had far less soil pollution by metals.
Because of their age, and also in some cases a lack of ore, a number of concentrators have been shut down, namely Karabash, Pyshma, Akhtal and one section of the Sredneuralsk plant.
As an example, at the Sredneuralsk copper smelter, the construction of the first stage of a new metallurgical shop is underway incorporating a new fluid-bed smelting technology developed by Professor Vanukov.