Sri Vijaya

Sri Vijaya,

maritime Indonesian city and kingdom. It was prominent as a trading partner with China from the 7th cent. until it was conquered by the Javanese Majapahit empire in the 14th cent.
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A trading network developed in the East Indies under the auspices of the rulers of Sri Vijaya in Sumatra, which linked the world of the Chinese traders to that of the Malay and Indian traders.
Traders from distant lands, Rome, Greece, Persia, Arabia, India, Sri Vijaya and China, followed the trade winds to Lanka in search of its fabled spices, precious stones and elephants, making Lanka a thriving entrepot.
Sri Vijaya, based at Palembang in southern Sumatra, reached through Java to the east and to the area of Bangkok (before it existed) in Thailand to the north.
First of all, what was the Srivijayan Empire (also written as Sri Vijaya)?
Sri Lanka and Indonesia enjoy excellent bilateral relations, dating back to the era of the Sri Vijaya dynasty, reinforced by mutual trust, abiding goodwill and friendship.
'Accept the fact that before Magellan came in to Leyte many years ago, 100 years ahead, Mindanao was part of the Sri Vijaya empire of the Malay race.