St Augustine

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Augustine, St

. (354–430) patron saint of scholars; voluminous theological author. [Christian Hagiog.: Brewster, 384–385]
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In the Coatbridge Premier Championship Shield for girls, Langloan defeated St Augustine's in the final to take the crown.
Rated the best school in Worcestershire in The Birmingham Mail's Real Schools Guide, St Augustine's is an Ofsted "outstanding" school, with 910 students.
Parish priest Father John Connell said: "Looking over the Bristol Channel and down onto Cardiff, St Augustine's stands there like a lighthouse.
Especially when you realise that but for a devastating hurricane, the Spanish would have had an even earlier claim to fame, since they set up a settlement in Pensacola in the western pan-handle of northern Florida seven years earlier than St Augustine, before beating a hasty retreat in the eye of a storm.
Tiring of seeing there home be burnt down no less than three times, St Augustine folk eventually decided to build a stone fort.
DoubleTree by Hilton, a unit of a hospitality company Hilton Worldwide (NYSE:HLT), revealed on Friday that DoubleTree by Hilton opened at St Augustine Historic District, in the heart of the 'Ancient City', at 116 San Marco Avenue, St Augustine, Florida, 32084.
"Without St Augustine's massive intellect and deep spiritual perception, Western theology would never have taken the shape familiar to us"--Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church.
At the Spanish Colonial Quarter in St Augustine there wasn't a cartoon character or rollercoaster ride in sight.
That development has sent a few loyal soldiers of Christ at St Augustine Catholic Church into aggressive-defense mode.
The much travelled bones of the great St Augustine will hopefully not be turning in their present grave in response to a series of commemorations and special occasions taking place throughout the year to mark the 1400th anniversary of his arrival on these shores.
St Augustine, FL, March 16, 2016 --( Foodies Guide To St Augustine Dining