St Jerome

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Jerome, St

. Christian monastic leader who searched for peace as hermit in desert. [Christian Hist.: EB, V: 545]
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Main features: the purpose of this contract is to provide intellectual services associated with the restructuring of research spaces operation marseille nord campus st jerome at aix-marseille university (amu) .Lot 1: technical control mission.Lot 2: coordination mission in safety and health protection.
Occupational therapy graduate Gemma and Shaun, a salmon farmer, have been together since 2007, briefly separating when Gemma moved to Kenya in 2015 to focus on St Jerome's - which was launched 10 years ago.
3) and the Louvre's Arconati Visconti Tondo, or the way in which foreground and background merge almost imperceptibly in the Gallery's own St Jerome in the Desert (Fig.
Anybody who says that the Hebrew word Ha-Alma at Isaiah 7:14 only means 'young women' should also consider St Jerome's argument that she would have (in the context of her society) been a young woman whom we might expect to have been a virgin.
For my actual words are, "St Jerome and the Seventy translated they made me fly and others, they made me haughty, and neither one translates according to the Hebrew word that they find, but rather according to what each thought that it meant." As to this I do not say that they translated incorrectly but that they translated the Hebrew word as it sounded in the original language according to what each person understood, not according to the intended purpose that applied.
This circumstance gives an indication of the thoroughness which has characterized this entire project, and these volumes with their apparatus will provide a rich source of material for years to come for those engaged in the study of the exegetical works of St Jerome. In the introduction, Gryson takes a more narrow focus than he has in previous volumes, as might be expected, and limits himself to a presentation of the manuscript tradition for these books.
31) and romance (particularly the quest narrative, for whose introduction into the tradition he credits St Jerome (p.
Main features: this room is located in the building thin layers / dsi star campus st jerome.The operation consists of lifting the active elements of the data center to replace the slabs of the technical floor.
Devastated relatives rushed to the scene on St Jerome's Way in Netherton yesterday morning following reports of a fatality.
But three years after that terrifying night at St Jerome's, the fearless 24-year-old, from South Uist in the Outer Hebrides, has taken in twice as many children, moved to bigger, safer premises and set down roots in the troubled Nakuru community that she hopes will last a lifetime.
Armed robbers had broken into St Jerome's Children's Home in Nakuru which she helped build, demanding money from the girl from South Uist and the orphans who lived there.