St. Benedict's

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St. Benedict’s

cross charm against disease and danger. [Christian Iconog.: Jobes, 386]
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Over 21 chapters Valente takes readers through themes of St. Benedict's Rule, interspersing historical commentary with a slew of stories from today's popular culture and her life as a journalist.
I remember the story about St. Benedict's encounter with a farmer.
But though such things may be jarring to our more modern sensibilities, that does not mean the entirety of St. Benedict's instruction should be ignored.
| St. Benedict's RC Primary team, front, from left, Jay Francis, Tom Exley, Dylan Spillane, Luke Egglesstone and Sam Barnard with, rear, Archie Parkes, Matthew Hood, George McCormick and Zak Francis 100516MGABENEDICT_03 IAN MCINTYRE
Synopsis: "St. Benedict's Guide to Improving Your Work Life: Workplace as Worthspace" by Michael Rock (a professor and consultant in human relations, organizational behavior, business ethics and emotional intelligence studies for over 35 years) has its origins in a seven-year study of the problem of workplace disengagement in light of contemporary understandings of emotional intelligence and spirituality.
The Stevens Point Brewery of Stevens Point, WI, has announced a new 12-oz can package for St. Benedict's Winter Ale.
But for the 18 members of St. Benedict's Monastery, life is still about prayer.
Celia, Ray and family wish to thank all friends, neighbours and relatives for their kindness, cards of condolence and donations to St. Benedict's Hospice received during their recent sad bereavement.
Return to St. Benedict's Road later crossing Somerville Road again.
In the BSFA under-10 Fay Cup final, St. Benedict's were 4-1 winners over St.
Earle applied St. Benedict's ancient Rule of ordering the life and days of religious communities to apply the structure and stability needed by anyone who must follow strict guidelines for living with illness.
had attended St. Benedict's Catholic Church in the Bronx, N.Y., as a couple for 25 years, their marriage in Canada was a little too much for fellow parishioners.