Saint Elias Mountains

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Saint Elias Mountains,

section of the Coast RangesCoast Ranges,
series of mountain ranges along the Pacific coast of North America, extending from SE Alaska to Baja California; from 2,000 to 20,000 ft (610–6,100 m) high. The ranges include the St. Elias Mts.
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, SW Yukon, Canada, and SE Alaska, rising to 19,551 ft (5,959 m) at Mt. LoganLogan, Mount,
19,551 ft (5,959 m) high, in Kluane National Park, extreme SW Yukon, Canada, just E of Alaska; highest mountain in Canada and second highest in North America. One of the St. Elias Mts.
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, Canada's highest peak. Kluane National Park is there.
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The Alsek River embodies all three as it flows from the heart of the St. Elias Mountains, where it drains the largest nonpolar icecap in the world, to its delta at Glacier Bay National Park in southeast Alaska.
The station provides an entry point to the Icefield Ranges of the St. Elias Mountains, and it is this unique location that appeals to such a diverse group of researchers.
A dendroglaciological study at Kaskawulsh Glacier provides the first calendar dating of a Little Ice Age glacier advance in the northeast St. Elias Mountains of Yukon Territory.
Tree-Ring Dates for the Maximum Little Ice Age Advance of Kaskawulsh Glacier, St. Elias Mountains, Canada.
The extreme elevation difference between Kluane Lake and the crest of the St. Elias Mountains establishes a strong gradient in environmental attributes.